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MSD Dive Trip Philosophy

MSD has been providing domestic and international group dive travel opportunities since the 60's. Our philosophy encompasses the following ideals:


  • On each of our trips we provide incredible diving adventures for all levels of diving experience
  • We use only safe, reliable and well-proven local dive operators
  • We strictly adhere to an environmentally-friendly philosophy when  interacting with the aquatic realm.
  • We strongly encourage a culturally inquisitive and accepting attitude while top-side. Unless there are no alternatives, we seldom organize trips to all-inclusive resorts or live-aboards thus enabling local interaction.

2019 Dive Trips

Lake Superior Shipwreck Trip

Munising, Michigan

August 8th-11th, 2019 

Join us as we once again visit the always entertaining Munising, MI and dive the warm, protected waters of the Alger Underwater Preserve. The shipwrecks of the preserve are located in the bay that Munising overlooks and are provided shelter from the prevailing winds by the beautiful Grand Island. By August the water temperature can be quite comfortable as a result of the relatively warmer surface water of Lake Superior pooling along the south shore and particularly behind Grand Island. Sixty degree temperatures are quite common down to about 60 ft. Munising is a great choice for one's first Great Lake shipwreck trip, with it's warmer water and generally shallower dive depths. We would recommend a couple deeper fun dives to get you prepared for two of the deeper wrecks, one at 70 ft and the other at 100 ft.

The Wrecks

We plan to make four wreck dives, two on Friday the 9th and two again on Saturday the 10th. The first dive on Friday will most likely be the Selvick a harbor tug sunk intentionally some years back. It rests in 70 feet of water and has an intact wheel house, rudder and prop.

The second dive on Friday could be any one of the following: 

Hettler - a wooden lumber hooker sitting in 30 ft. of water that boasts a boiler and bathtub in addition to it intriguing timber construction.

Manhattan - similar to the Hettler, it rests in 20-45 ft. of water and offers an intriguing look at the huge timbers needed and construction techniques used to build such a sturdy ship

Bermuda - an intact 2 masted schooner that sits in very shallow (her deck sits at 14 ft) warm water allowing tons of time to explore the intact deck, hull, cargo holds and rudder.

The first dive on Saturday morning will be the Smith Moore an intact wooden ship laying in 100 ft. of water. It offers an intact deck, cargo holds (usually filled with sand), a stern rail and engine.

The second dive on Saturday could be any of the three mentioned above that was not explored on Friday afternoon.

For more information on the wrecks or the dive charter company that we will be using - Shipwreck Tours, follow this link.

Munising is a quaint little harbor village that offers quite a few cool little bars and restaurants. Additional attractions in the area include the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and numerous waterfalls. While in Munising we will be spending Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Munising Motel. The trip price is based on double occupancy and does not include transportation. Munising is located about 400 miles east of Central Minnesota. Participants will need to arrive on Thursday evening because we will be needing to be at the dive boat by 8:30 am. Friday. Any additional questions, please call Todd at the Brainerd Shop 800-657-2822.

Jan. 26th - Feb. 2nd, 2019
$1795* Diver
$1495* Non-Diver
* All prices are estimated and subject to change. Lodging is based on double occupancy.

Many experienced divers rate Cozumel as the best diving in the Caribbean. In addition to it's amazing underwater experiences, Cozumel also offers incredible top-side diversions... an impressive selection of outstanding restaurants from laid-back beach hut bars to fine cuisine; secluded sandy beaches; Mayan ruins; and some of the nicest locals you will ever meet.

Casa Del Mar will be our home away from home. It offers a convenient location close to the dive sites, yet near enough to town and all it has to offer. We have booked upgraded rooms which offers either a balcony or terrace, racks for diving equipment, safety deposit box, 2 complementary bottles of water daily and more. Casa Del Mar has a beach complete with relaxing hammocks, comfy beach chairs, and opportunities for great snorkeling and diving.  

Paulino, Troy and Hugo from Pelagic Ventures will be providing diving services. They will pick us up right at Casa Del Mar's pier every morning and escort us for our five days of two-tank boat dives. After each of the first morning dives, we stop at a pier near Palancar Beach for our surface interval. There will be a night dive organized for Tuesday night for those interested and Wednesday we will do our dive in the afternoon to allow us a different experience with the afternoon light.

On Friday - the day before we fly out, we commonly rent jeeps and travel to the remote east side of the island. It offers miles of secluded beaches and nice collection of beach bar hangouts. This will be MSD's 23rd year of visiting Cozumel and we couldn't be happier about the prospect of going back.