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Recent Fun Dive / Activity

5/16/15 Fun Dive at Gilligan's Plunge

Here at MSD we do what we can for our divers, we went back to Gilligan's Plunge just because the visibility was favorable on Wednesday. The temperature from the surface to a depth of 20 ft was 50°. Down at 115 ft., the water temp was 40°. They had great visibility (40 ft) from the surface to 60 ft, below that, the visibility has gained about 10 ft since Wednesday. Below 60 ft the visibility is now 20 - 25 ft. 

Dive Master: Jeff Adams

Photo Credit: Jeff Adams

5/13/15 Fun Dive at Gilligan's Plunge

Cold and rainy weather doesn't stop MSD! The beauty of diving is that it's never rained out - divers get wet regardless. That is exactly what five fun divers did last night while Bill manned the grill topside. The divers split into two groups, and both eventually worked their way down to look at the Ford Ranger pick-up at 115 ft. The temperature from the surface to a depth of 20 ft was 50°. Down at 115 ft., the water temp was 39°. They had great visibility (35 - 40 ft) from the surface to 60 ft., below that, the visibility dropped to 10 - 15 ft. 

Dive Master: Bill Lacroix
Photo Credit: Todd Matthies

5/09/15 Fun Dive at Eagle Beach

Six divers enjoyed their sunny Saturday with an MSD Fun Dive. The surface temp was again in the low 50's. Some news that you would be glad to hear is that the thermocline is dropping! The thermocline is sitting at 15 - 20 feet. On another positive note, we had a visibility range of 25 ft. The Minnesota state bird made some appearances also today, they found us very interesting and kept coming back. Dive Master:Jill Herberg
Photo Credit: Todd Matthies 

5/5/15 Fun Dive at Seaward

Six people joined us for a great Tuesday fun dive. The temp at the surface was in the low 50's with the thermocline sitting at 10 feet. Below the thermocline the temp is in the low 40's. Let's talk visibility: From the surface to 40 ft you are looking at roughly 15 ft of visibility, below 40 ft down to 60 ft the visibility dropped to 5-10 ft, 60 ft and below we gained our 20 ft range of visibility. A few of the divers went and looked at the railroad tracks at a depth of 100 ft. Pictured is Tim Gack and Paula Persons getting ready for what they expect to be another tremendous dive in the Cuyuna Mine Pits.
Dive Master: Bill Lacroix
Photo Credit: Todd Matthies 

Kicking off the 2015 Fun Dive Season at Shangri-la

What magnificent weather we had to kick off the 2015 Fun Dive season! 15 divers took advantage of the weather and buddied up to go diving and savored the unforgettable fun dive food. Surface temp. 52° Visibility was right around the 10' mark. Down at 20' the water temp. was 45° 

"Brats were great" - Tom Allinder
Vickie Unger got to try out her new orange X-Shot fins (Pictured) - She was beyond pleased to say the least...don't believe me, ask her yourself!

A few people couldn't wait to get back in the water and completed a second dive.
Photo Credit: Todd Matthies

Straits of Mackinac Ride and Dive Trip Aug 25-30, 2012

Fun Dive July 19th at No Name - North Side of Mahnomen 2 Mine

Fun dive July 12th at Stairway to Hell - Alstead Mine

The Family Murrey
Stairway on Alstead Mine

Fun dive June 7th at Sleepy Hollow - Mangan Mine

Perfect early June evening
DM Billy at the helm
Brittany, trying to hold ...air?
Jeff's custom drysuit underware