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Dive Trips

MSD Dive Trip Philosophy

MSD has been providing domestic and international group dive travel opportunities since the 60s. Our philosophy encompasses the following ideals: 

  • On each of our trips, we provide incredible diving adventures for all levels of diving experience.

  • We use only safe, reliable and well-proven local dive operators.

  • We strictly adhere to an environmentally-friendly philosophy when interacting with the aquatic realm.

  • We strongly encourage a culturally inquisitive and accepting attitude while top-side. Unless there are no alternatives, we seldom organize trips to all-inclusive resorts or live-aboard thus enabling local interaction.


Regional Dive Trips

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At least once every summer, we offer a Great Lake shipwreck trip. Our rotation of shipwreck diving destinations include:


  • Tobermory, Ontario

  • Alpena, Michigan

  • Straights of Mackinac, Michigan

  • Munising, Michigan

  • Isle Royale National Park

If the logistics allow, we may run this trip as what we call a "Ride and Dive" trip. Many divers are also motorcycle enthusiasts. So for those who want to combine a bike and dive trip, we will have one of our dive vans make the journey as well - in order to carry the biker's diving equipment. Those that want to take their own vehicle can do that too. 

Regional Trip Footage

International Dive Trips

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Twice, if not three times each winter we lead dive groups to warm water diving destinations. Commonly towards the end of January we will head to Cozumel, Mexico or Roatan, Honduras. These two destinations - being our most popular are rotated each year. Toward the end of February we will take off to a series of other diving destinations that are rotated on a little longer cycle. These include:

  • Caye Caulker, Belize

  • Turneffe Atoll, Belize

  • Little Cayman, C.I.

  • Bonaire, N.A.

Every couple years we will organize a dive trip to a more exotic location such as:

  • Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon

  • Palau

  • Solomon Islands

  • Fiji 

  • Malaysia 

  • Indonesia 

International Trip Footage

Cozumel Dive Trip
This trip is now full

Fri., Jan 26 - Fri., Feb. 2, 2024

Five days of 2 - tank dives


(covers cost of dives only)

MSD will be returning to Cozumel this winter. Since our first trip there in 1995, Cozumel has been one of favorite dive destinations. It perfectly combines probably the best dives in the Caribbean with a relaxing beach vibe and an engaging nighttime restaurant scene. Getting there is also very convenient with Sun Country non-stop charter flights right out of MSP on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. In light of this, we will be booking the diving package only, you will be responsible for your own airfare and lodging. Our dive operator, Pelagic Ventures will be picking us up daily from the Casa Del Mar Dive Resort dock so this obviously, is our resort of choice for lodging. You can stay elsewhere, but will have to get a taxi to and from Casa Del Mar every day. When booking air and lodging, Sun Country lists Casa Del Mar as one of their "Preferred" lodging options, so you can book both the air and lodging together if you wish. Most people will book the Friday (1/26/24) to Friday (2/3/24) flight because of our diving dates, but feel free to extend your trip on either side of those dates. Please call Todd at either of the stores soon (before 11/1/23) for more information, help with planning, or to get your name on the dive roster. Only those divers registered with us will be allowed on our dive boat(s).


Casa Del Mar Resort
Cozumel MSD Jan 2022 Trip

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