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Equipment Rental

MSD has an extensive stock of rental equipment available. We rent everything that a diver or snorkeler might need. We only rent the latest designs of equipment, for example all of our buoyancy compensators are weight integrated and our regulators have environmental kits to ensure good cold water performance.

We do have a busy weekend class and activity schedule all through-out the summer, so reservations are recommended. Our rental program is set up on a 24 hr period. If you rent one day and return it by close the next day, that is considered "one day". So if you plan things right you could rent on one morning when we open and return it the next day right before close and you could get two days of use for a one day charge.


Rental Rates

One day rental is due back by close of the next business day. 2-3 day rentals are half the price of the daily rate. All rentals after the 3rd day are 30% of the daily rate. Cost of an air fill is $5 per tank, and taxes on equipment rental haven’t been included in the prices listed below. A debit/credit card along with ones driver’s license is required for any and all rental. This information will be kept confidential, and will be returned/shredded upon return of rental equipment. Please call to reserve the equipment you require well in advance to help ensure availability.

** Remember rental fees on Fun Dives are half price **

MSD Equipment Rental Rates
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