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Go Dive

As most experienced divers know, there is far more to diving - and being a diver, than just taking classes. Divers want dive experiences. MSD offers an extensive program of dive trips and social events for divers to enjoy their new found passion. 


Local Fun Dives

We offer fun dives to the Cuyuna Mines every Saturday from May through October and also one, if not two, weeknight fun dives per week during this same time period. 


Local Private Divemaster Led DIves

If the fun dive schedule doen't work, MSD's staff of divemasters are available to take divers out for a 2-tank dive on an individual basis.  


Dive Trips

At least once every summer, we offer a Great Lakes shipwreck trip.

Additionally, twice, if not three times each winter, we lead dive groups to warm water diving destinations. 

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