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Spring 2024 News

  • Very Enjoyable Cozumel Trip

  • Servicing Your Dive Equipment

  • PADI Equipment Specialist Class

  • Fun Dive Starting Up May 1st!


We are still buzzing a little about the wonderful Cozumel trip we enjoyed this last Jan/Feb. Twenty people joined us in total, with a nice mix of age groups and experience levels. Five of those who joined us had completed their training dives just this last October... they all did very well in the sometimes challenging Cozumel drift-diving environment.

Reveling in fond memories of your winter dive trips too? If you haven't already taken care of it, now would be a great time to get your equipment in for its annual service. It's very important to get the salt water cleaned out of your

Regulators and BC's before any major damage occurs. Your equipment will then be all ready for our upcoming local Fun Dives - less than a month away! 


If all of this equipment talk has you curious about how it all works or ways in which I can maintain it - MSD will be offering the PADI Equipment Specialist Class the first Saturday in April (6th). Register now, if interested.

After the extremely warm winter that we have had, the ice is already off the mine pits (at least a month early), but the recent snowfall has made the roads difficult. By the weekend of April 6th, most roads should be passable - albeit very muddy. Although the official Fun Dives don't start until Wednesday May 1st, we are sure many divers will be headed out there soon!


Learn to Dive

Since our founding in 1959, MSD has been providing quality PADI education ranging from Discover Scuba to Divemaster. 

50 Dive Sites Just Minutes from
MSD Brainerd!

Located just 12 miles from our Brainerd location near the towns of Crosby and Ironton, the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area  - home to some of the best diving in the Midwest. This beautiful park with its crystal-clear water filled mines boast submerged mine shafts, building foundations, vehicles, road beds, forests, shear walls and depths of up to 530 feet. The mines have been stocked with trout, bass and northern pike. It's also not uncommon to see loons swimming by. The main attraction though would have to be the visibility which ranges from 30 to 60 feet. 

Bartendar Louise Cuyuna

These are some of our favorites...

WOMBAD Point Cuyuna
Pit: Mahnomen I
Dive Site Features:
Lots of Underwater Trees
Fish Life
Sheer Walls
Railroad Tracks
Jason Voorhees Cuyuna
Eternal Bliss
Pit: Louise
Dive Site Features:
Marissa the Mermaid
Jack Sparrow
Jason Voorhees
Fish Life
Skull on Staircase Stairway to Hell Cuyuna
Stairway to
Pit: Alstead
Dive Site Features:
Fish Life
Skeleton in Coffin Cuyuna
Sand Chute
Pit: Mahnomen II
Dive Site Features:
Coffin with Skeleton
Pumping Pipes
Fish Life
Underwater Foosball Table Cuyuna
Pit: Huntington
Dive Site Features:
Great Visibility
Fish Life
Railroad Tracks
Foosball Table
Vertical Mine Shaft Cuyuna
Gettin' The
Pit: Huntington
Dive Site Features:
Vertical Mine Shaft
Fish Life 

The Minnesota School of Diving has created over 50 unique dive sites in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area - appropriate to all levels of experience. Our experienced staff of divemasters would love to show you some of their favorites. We sponsor group fun dives to the area up to 3 times a week in the summer. Divemasters can also be hired to lead you on individual dives. If you would rather go it alone, stop in the store for some suggestions and pick up some of our dive maps of the area. They describe what you'll see underwater at each of the different dive sites, and are the only maps that accurately depict the often confusing roads. 

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